[:en]Used Machines[:es]Máquinas Usadas[:]

Used machines and cabinet clamps

Top Iberica offers a service of sale of used machines of different types and used cabinet clamps, after a careful activity of electrical, electronic, mechanical and software upgrade. Our used products are a valid alternative when you want to increase your production capacity with a smaller investment.


Brema GLR XL (year 1998) equipped with two revolvers with 8 position tool change, two groups in L 11 + 5, two groups of insertion of the joint (shelf support) and an insertion group of hinge base.
Model 1300 mm high.

Cabinet Clamps

STE 84 – year 2001 – electronic self-setting hydraulic throughfeed cabinet clamp.
Infeed from left to right

Comil CF 2000 – electronic throughfeed pneumatic cabinet clamp.
Infeed from right to left.

STE 84 – year 1997 (infeed from right to left) and 1995 (infeed from left to right).
Electronic self-setting hydraulic throughfeed cabinet clamp.